Pool Area
Revel in countless carefree moments of relaxation by the pool, taking in the unique beauty of the Ionian sea, basking in the bright sun, lounging on one of the comfy sun-loungers. Spotted outside, in the deck between the two villas, the pool entices you to take an invigorating dive in the fresh, crystal clear aquamarine waters. After a rejuvenating swim, take refuge under the cooling shade of the umbrellas, enjoying a refreshing drink, or reading a good book. The perfect aquatic daydream session awaits you, in our Alessia Villa pool area!

Outdoor Rooftop Hot-tub
Located on the rooftop of the larger villa under a splendid wooden pergola, the hot-tub invites you to indulge in moments of pure relaxation, lounging and gazing at the shimmering Ionian sea and the picturesque inland landscape. In the complete privacy of Alessia Villa estate, you will revel in an exquisite hot-tub experience, in the most tranquil atmosphere and serene setting.
Alessia Luxury Villas
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