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More and more people travel to Lefkada every year to enjoy windsurfing as well as kitesurfing, due to the excellent wind conditions and admire the enchanting landscapes of Lefkada while indulging to their favorite sports. The wind in the north is not quite so strong, which is perfect for kitesurfing, in contrast with the blustery winds that blow in the south of the island, where windsurfers find their paradise. Alessia Luxury Villas, spotted right in the middle of Lefkada, on the western coast, boasts the perfect launchpad for exploring the two wind-riding hot-spots of the island.
In the north, Agios Ioannis is the main spot for kitesurfing, a large beautiful beach close to Lefkada town. The wind there is warm and smooth, with predominant west and north-west directions, blowing every day. In Agios Ioannis, kitesurfers ride in medium choppy-wavy conditions with plenty of space, even on the busiest days.  

In the south, Vassiliki is the place to be for windsurfers, presenting them with a stunning beach setting, one of the best in the world, and excellent weather conditions to enjoy their sport. In the mornings the bay of Vassiliki is ideal for beginners since there are no waves and the water is quite shallow, but around midday, the direction of the wind veers to cross-shore and the sea becomes restless, calling the windsurfers to ride its impressive waves.
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