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A beloved place by the sea to the natives, this small secluded beach is a gem, among the many exotic beaches of the island. It is a place we always recommend, as a one-of-a-kind secret beach experience, located only 15 minutes away from Alessia Villa complex. Traversing through the winding road descending form the villas, you will see the beachfront protruding from a stunning natural scenery full of olive trees.
This is a quiet, almost exclusive beach, with a canteen and a private parking area. As to the beach itself, words cannot describe its beauty; Giant rock formations burst forth from the coast and into the sea creating a dramatic setting. The beach has pebbles and white sand and the waters present different shades of blue, from turquoise to cerulean, and from cobalt to ultramarine hues. On this sheltered, almost hidden, beach, one finds a small paradise to relax. Don’t miss a chance to visit Kavalikefta and enjoy an incredible “sun and sea” day.

Nestling a few kilometers away from Lefkada town, close to Vassiliki village, this amazing sandy beach with transparent emerald waters, is ideal to spend a super relaxing day, enjoying a refreshing swim. Agiofili is a quiet beach, surrounded by white-stoned cliffs that create a magical setting for its visitors. You can reach the beach following a nice trekking path or taking a boat from Vassiliki’s port.

Mylos is a hidden jewel southwest of Lefkada town, between the coasts of Agios Nikitas and Kathisma. Mylos is characterized by an unspoiled natural environment, with crystal clear waters and fine sand, surrounded by lush green cliffs that offer an impressive backdrop. Being secluded and without touristic facilities, this wide beach is ideal for those who want to spend some relaxing moments by the sea, away from the crowds. To get to the beach, take the pedestrian street through Agios Nikitas village towards the beach, and hop on a boat to Mylos.
A long, wide stretch of fine white sand with crystal clear, turquoise waters, make up one of the most famous and popular beaches of the island, called Kathisma, just 14 minutes from Alessia Villa. It is an organized beach with sun-loungers, umbrellas and many restaurants, taverns and beach bars along the coast. The beach is surrounded by an idyllic mountainous backdrop which offers a feeling of isolation and privacy, despite the constant swarm of happy bathers. Kathisma is an ideal destination to enjoy a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathing, as well as many water sports activities.
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Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki is an organized beach of wild beauty and exotic lagoon-like turquoise waters with fine, white sand covering its coast. The hills encircling the waterfront and the rocks that rise high above the sea, create a fascinating landscape. The breathtaking beach ranks in the top list of the best beaches to visit in Europe, and is one of the most favorite attractions in Lefkada.
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